Wednesday, December 1, 2010

its a school holiday!!


ouch!!i'm soo borink couse nothing to do!!its a school holiday but i don't have any activitie to do!!ouh..what a borink day.!i ask my mom for picnic but my mom say "sory honey,,im such a busy..we can go another day please!?"..ouh oke..we can go another day..ahhhhhhhhhhh..what a bad answerr!!grrrr..i just like a stupid person!..
last week koet i hangout with my buddies!!ahaha..
what a happy day,,i hang with izzati,,raihana and haikal..ahahah..poor haikal couse he is only a boy!!we always bully him..hahaha..we watch a movie..the tittle is adele the rise of mummy!

after watch a movie,,i,izzati n rai goes a high heel shop..haikal very angry with us,,he is bengang gilerr..hahah...of coursela takkan die nk masuk kedai highell tu..after thenn,,we goes popular..a book shop..haha..we play hide and seek at the shop!
hahaha..what a stupid thing we do!!haha..haikal can't stand with us..then he merayau sorg2!..we just like "org gilerr" nk cari die..haha..then we goes a cd shop..
awwwww..theres a many korea cd..haha..we all obses with we just like mcm org jakun tk pnah nmpk cd korea tu..hahaha..but we are happy gilerr2!!then,,,haikal n rai nk blk dah..just tinggal me n zati..hahaha..we goes for clothes shope..
and thenn balik rumh!hahaha so happy gilerr!!hahaha..