Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My heart is broken.


hmm,actually i'm not in mood.my heart is broken and it would never merge again.
..what i'm talk is all about cn blue concert...i'm so bengangggggg couse diorg tk dpt dtg malaysia and buatt concert..grr.why malaysia can't organized cn blue for their concert in malaysia.anyway,malaysia is not a poor country right?what the f**k laa kan..errrrrrr.so bad.i'm very angry.ouh what the hell.oke,why singapore can organized cn blue concert,and why malaysia can"t?anyway,singapore and malaysia sebelah2 je koett..what the miskin sgt laaa kan tk boleh nk support diorg..let's see it,concertt super junior show 3 ponn mcm tk de yg nak organized,,ni lagilaa kan cn blue..ahh.malaysia kan kaye...so,support je laa.ape susah.org skarang gile k-pop ye..
ikutt la pekembangan sikitt kan!.tk kan nk mengaharapkan indie band malaysiaa je.tu pon yg agak famous kat malaysia ni bunkface hujan..tu jee.yg laen mane?yeahh,butt i'm really sokong bunkface and hujan couse diorg dah tour satu dunia and famouskan name negare nii.tp yg laen mane?dah dpt duett pastu menghilg mcm tu je?hello.itu bukn care nk jd famous,itu care org nk kaye..just see korea je laa weyh.grr.i'm soooooooo..tk tahulaa nk ckp ape lagi kan.doaa je laa agar cn blue dtg malaysia..

by the way..I LOVE U CN BLUE..i will support u till the end!

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