Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So random :)

what a beautiful pic.
yeay.yeay,i love you my friend !
ermm ?

Look at the picture above :) am i study ? HAHA.nonsence.of course not.erm.yeah.for the true i really study ,no,i'm not.i'm just doing my homework.but,suddenly..i'm feel bored gila.and "sepantas kilat" take my camera and doing this silly thing.kekeke.not true silly but i love it.have a photoshoot at 12am.HAHA.that's excellent student do.follow me and you will be excellent student too.can't believe that i talk like that.let's having a photoshoot again at 12am.you will be happy.I'm doing at that because there will no one can bother me and no one can said "what a silly thing you do nabila ?"kekeke.so i take "zon selamat".I'm happy to do this.btw,Qish Qiss love you dear.err ? we not les ok ! i just love her just like my sis.we are twin.ahh.and not forget my best friend Shamine,Nawwar and also Rus.i will do that thing too with write your name guys.but not now.Saranghae.Byebye <#

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  1. hey2 . kamsahamnida ommonim !! i love you so damn fuc* much !!! keke ^^ i'll do that too. but but but ,my camera is totally , broken . i think i now what i'm gonna to do . (sad) :')