Monday, May 30, 2011


heyy.seriously i miss blogging ! ahh *hug you* AHAHA.sorry because no new story.btw,this is school holiday *what time is it ? holiday's time to online* HAHA.yeahh.before holiday,we having an's mid year exam.should i say the question is really fucking me ouh ! i don't know how to explain.but what i'm going say is *I HATE YOU PAPER* if one or two paper were hard it's okay,,but ..all the paper were hard okayy ! When i get the paper i think i'm going *scream loudly,,erhh.that's really upset..i'm afraid if my score is bad..hmm.but that Paper really Fucking. ermm.not me only said that paper were hard.but my teacher too okay >< all my classmate very worrying.they too said that paper gile susah bab* ahh.errrrrrrrrrrrr.that's really make me keep worrying.but yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ^^ i'm going have fun for this i don't want to think it back.HEHEE.i'm going watch BOY'S OVER FLOWER noww.kekekee.byee *i think if i watch story that i love maybe all my stress were gone.byee.

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