Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello everyone ~ sorry because I'm not udpate any post since that holiday.Ohmy,I'm so busy with my class and school.Now we're in 2012 ! HELLO 2012 :) I will miss 2011 because there's a lot memories about me at 2011.Let's forget about it.Now Im a candidate of PMR.haha.I'm very nervous although the PMR is soon but Im afraid.ahaha.Now is time for me to study study study and study.No time to rest >,< . But now my mom said "it's okay dear for you to's weekend" so I'm online :) That's great !
My Beautiful Target this year is 8A's ! Wish me luck okay !
HAHAHA.I have to go offline now because Im gonna rest after this.
Big Love from me <3 <3

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