Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey ! What's up ?
It's already been a long time and I miss to update my blog . Fyi , it's already 2014 . hahaha. How time flies .
This year gonna be a tough year for me . Senior Year . Well , sounds interesting right but definitely not interesting at all . I have to deal with my emotion . Pressure everywhere . Idk but I think this lately I often mad and stress . Maybe because of class , study , and also some co-curricular activity because Im quiet active with co-curricular activity , so I didnt have any free time to rest . Even my free time were filled with doing homework and some project .
Well , the first exam just finished and I already got my marks . Im quite satisfied with it even it's not that good Atleast there's a change I've made on it especially on my Chemistry subject and also Math . Finally !! I can answer all that question xD hahahah . I even got an A for my Math . Hmmm quite impressive since I never got an A for my Math subject . Err you can say it's the first time . Hahaha .
But this onlye the beginning . I cant be too happy about it right ?
I will try my best to be the best !
Goodnight . xoxo

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