Friday, January 21, 2011

why mustt me ?

i didnt expect that this situation will be happen.OMG.why mustt me ? why me ? yeah.because the mouth body perish.serve your right nabella.HAHAHAHHA.when i remember again i thinks this is a funny story.its start at school time.there is a boy student that names ****,he is friend call him *joe.butt he didnt know that.when my friend curse him,i always backup him with my satire.HAHAH.example that i said that he teeth made me love him.HAHAHAH.actually i just being joke with many time i said it and they laugh so badly.last wednesday,,adlina and rus want do something to me.thenn,its time 'sivik' and we doesnt have any work.suddenly rus screaming loudly call him name.thenn my class so quite.when my class quiet adlina said to him that i love him.eeeeew.what the f*** ahhhh.since that day,they always keep gossip about me. ouh pleasse laa.luckily **** didnt take serious about this..just imagine that he take serious!i think i will be finished.ahhh.i hope they will stop gossip about me.

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