Saturday, February 5, 2011


annyonghaseyoo ! <3

yeahh.i'm happy like crazy.this story about yesterday,,me and my daddy was watching 2010 kbs song festival at astro kbsw *391,thenn its time for super junior to make performance.they sang to song bonamana.yeahh,actually my daddy mmg gila with song bonamana.we happy watching it.suddenly,i said to my daddy that i wanna go to korea to meet super daddy smile without saying anything.yeahh.maybe i think that its impossible for me to go korea.after thenn,,there were announcement for the winning team.yeahh.finally snsd win.HAHAHAH.not super daddy gila angry with that results,then my daddy said to me "why must snsd and not super junior"then i said "hmm.of courselaa.everyone keep vote that group"then my daddy said "i wanna hear what song that they sing"thenn,the song is start.yeahh.snsd sing song "OH" and i love song "OH" so i sing alongg.when it is finished my daddy said "i'm going to sent u to learning korean language,after thenn,i will sent u to study abroad at korea but u must get score a "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.seriously happy like crazy ! haha.yeahh.from now i must study hard.yeayyeay.u can do it nabeela ! fighting !

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