Tuesday, February 8, 2011



ahhhh.i really can't believe it ! it is true ?eermm,for the real is I'M STUCK WITH SHINEE ! omoo.sorry CN BLUE because i love shinee.I still love u but,,but,, i hope u don't get angry.but u are on the ratings 4.erm.i'm sorry.i didn't expect that this thing will be happen.I REALLY REALLY SORRY.yeahh.let see the ratings.

1.SHINEE ^.^ *saranghae
2.TOHOSHINKI -.- *joahae
3.BEAST =.= *love forever
4.CN BLUE :)) *don't get angry with me
5.SUPER JUNIOR :D *i still love u

yeahh.the winner is SHINEE.Hahahaha.now ratings for the guy that i love in shinee.

1.MINHO & TAEMIN ^.^ *saranghae (i really really confused to choose which one i love)
2.JONGHYUN -.- *joahae
3.ONEW =.= *always love u
4.KEY :D *sorry key,u are the last one.kekekeke

okayy.bye.gtg now.i'm sleepy right now.kekeke.btw,saranghae u all !

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