Saturday, February 12, 2011

L --> O --> V --> E

annyeong !

omg ! please said that u love me,don't make me keep waiting for u ! i'm tired for being waiting for u and i'm scared to tell u that i love u !i know u love me,and u know that i love u,but please don't make me not impatient.i'm going crazy u know !or should i scream loudly and said "SARANGHAE SARANGHAE" just like crazy girl ? ouhh,i don't want do that.looks like i obsessed with him.act,i'm obsessed with him ! what should i do ? or maybe i just need to forget him.but,i can't ! eeeeei . somebody please help me ! why must u always in my mind.why not minho,taemin or onew.why must u ?yeahh.i'm going crazy right please don't bother me .

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