Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Thing i Hate about you.

I probably shouldn't say this but at time i get so scared when i think about the previous relationship we shared it was awesome but we lost it it's not possible for me not to care.and now we're standing in the rain but nothing's ever gonna change untill you hear MY FRIEND ! the 10 thing i hate about you.the 10 thing about you.Oh you.
1.Your vein
2.You always make me sad.
3.You never know and think my heart.
4.You selfish.
5.You are liar.
6.Never think about your friend.
7.You hypocrit.
8.You make me laugh,you make me cry.I don't know which side to buy.
9.You always make me sad.

and the 10 thing i hate the most that you do.

You make me believe you.

Its awkward and silent as i wait for you to say.What i need to hear now you sincere apology.
when you meant it.i believe it.if you text it.i delete it.Let's be clear.

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