Sunday, May 8, 2011


Heyy.FatQish again ? many people ask me for update new story about them.HAHA.ok. i will update for you.Yeahh.the next's Thursday.erm.Fattah absent that day.don't know why.maybe because "demam cinte" with aqis.Haha.aqis feel so sad that day.poor her.erm.but the next day,it's mean Friday.Fattah is come.wowowo.aqis so happy like crazy.Bengong.first class is science,so we must go to laboratory.Then when teacher going out and rus always screaming and said"Fattah,Qiss at the back" haha.after that.aqeela.budk form1.dtg and ask for me.which one Fattah is.HAHA.then.qiss tunjuk.HAHA.she class is BM.*bruno mars.HAHA.
we just have a class sesion as well.Then.when Pengganas.HHAHA.pengawass laa.just out for bertugas.then blakang Fattah kosong couse blakang die pengawas.then qiss ddk blakang sweet ahh korg ni.HAHAHA.Fattah malu tutup muke.poor him.Kitorg kacau die.HAHA.and said "FATTAH PANDANG BELAKANG" because qiss ddk blakang die kan ? HAHA.poor you.I think fattah mesti ckp "Cepatlaah rehat.Cepatlaa rehat.aku malu ni" HAHAHA.btw.i found Fattah punye FB tadi.wowow.balqis mesti happy to see Fattah FB.maybe tiap hari chatt.HAHAHA.ok there anything funny about them.i will story.

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