Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lonely -.-

Baby i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely >< hahaha.i'm alone at home since this morning untill now.errr -.- so boring.nothing to do laa.just online and watch TV .errr.terasa nak nyanyi lagu i'm a loner laa pulak.hohoho XD.nevermind.I want to practise playing guitar because so long I never playing guitar.hope i'm not forget the note.haha.I try to play song Love by CnBlue.It's freaking damn hard doe.The note is really really fucking me.hahaha XD.better play song *Love Light* it's really easy for me.yahh.i will try my best ! yehh.i can do it.kekekeke =) ahh.don't want play guitar anymore.hate make my finger swelling !! hahah.*gedik.enough enough.i want to play keyboard.
huhh -.- lagi senang.byee byee

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