Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy :P

Time goes so fast ! and now we're in the end of the year.humm.not really end laa.Now July ! next month start *PUASA* after thenn *RAYA* wahhh ! seriously best >< Thenn we reach to *2012*
A big year for me and my friend ! actually not really BIG laa kan ? gila tk big ! haha.PMR PMR PMR ! must serious in study doe.My target 8A STRAIGHT ! target je lebih tp tk de usaha nk buatt apa kan ? hahaha.Okayy ! must ada usaha yg kuatt gila.Ehh.actually i don't want story about this laa.rasa mcm seram smcm je when talk about PMR ni ! HIHI >< i don't have any time to rest okayy ! err.every week i must busy ! err.since this month i'm really busy ! 2.7 Larian Satu Malaysia! okay tired gila.thenn 3.7 Hari Koperasi.serious best penat laa.then 9.7 Easy Math smpai ke ptg ! 10.7 rehatt tk puas sgt ! 16.7 ada something big utk aku ! >< 17.7 rehatt lagi ! then 21 --> 23.7 Trip to Sarawak >< heee :) every week aku busy kann ? HAHA.
Ehh.lupa nk ckp esok 13.7 Birthday ZulZaffri :) Happy Birthday Kawan.Walaupun baru kenall.haha.HB to you :)
Byee,actually sekarang already 2 am okayy ! sleepy gila.Goodnight <3

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