Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love you But I hate you

Ohh yeahh !
seriously,I love you but I hate you.
Am i crazy ?
yahh.ofcourse i'm not.
It's true statement LOL.
Before I love you
But Now I hate you
I hope you know that.
When I'm thinking back.Seriously I'm so stupid because
I love you.
After you make me Love you.
Then you leave me without word.
What the HELL is going ?
What the HELL are you doing ?
enough I've been play by you.
I'm not that stupid !

Let's think more mature.
next year we are going 15 right ?
so stop being like childish syg :)
If you don't want stop.
Let me stop you :)

But my mom always said
today you make people hurt
but tomorrow people make you hurt
So.Thinking syg <3

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