Sunday, March 4, 2012


Being a kid really fun actually !
We can play anything we want and no one can mad
because we are kid
Am I right ?
I can't tell that I'm not regret being a teenage
Been a Teenage is justt erhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I can't play that and those because everyone said it's not cool for teenage.
Teenage being more cool with hang with friend,online and listening to music.
Actually it's really BORING.
So . Yesterday , I'm being a KIDDO ^^
It's really fun okay ? hahaha
Playing with water at school
Me Nia and Hafiz
I splashing the water to Nia and Hafiz then run away.
They had to chase me .
Thenn , Nia splash the water to me . I'm wet !
and lastly Me and Nia *the girls power*
Splashing the water to Hafiz.Poor him
His clothes really wet XD
Seriously it's really fun when me try to chase them and splashing the water.
and when teacher saw us .
My teacher really mad ^^ hahaha. I'm just laughing.
It's really funn okay !
and Next week . were going to do that again ^^

Thanks for reading
Big Love from me "L"

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