Friday, April 6, 2012

It's all about me

Hey to all my friends !
What's up ? Seriously , I really miss my blog ~
ohh yeah , I already change everything on my blog
So , what's ur comment ? It is okay ? Okay , don't want to hear it anymore
How are you my friends ? Great ? Not ?
Well , I'm just being great here :)
Not really great Not really worse
Normal okayy .
I don't have time to update any story . I just on my facebook only .
Errrh , so many things happen laa friends.
I don't know where should I start , seriously . hahah . ermmm , about friends ?
Iloveallmyfriends . They were just great
Rus , Balqis , Nia , Atin , Nasrin , Echa , Eja , Mira , Arisya , Sharifah , Shamine
and other :) Sorry for not mention it . hehe
emmmm. I also Love my classmate
Guess what ? We just like family this year ,
They really different .
Wanna know something ?
I already had crush <3
hahahaha. shuttttt *dont tell anyone okay ? promise.
yeahhh , I don't have a boyfriend but I had crush .
Just that ^^
emmmmm.seriously I'm blank right now.
Keep hearing Love Day song . then I don't know what should I story
Btw , I want to continue my movie.
So I will story later kay ?
Credit by : Puleep Ameera

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