Friday, November 9, 2012

The fact

I'm tired of people. When someone new walks into my life, I try to convince myself that they're different but they turn out to be just like the rest of them . Breaking every promise. Replacing me with someone better. Talking shit behind my back. Falling for those bullshit lines that make me think that I can actually trust them. Using me to get what they want. Then when they finally have it , they just leave me hanging untill they need something again . They treat me like complete shit yet I would practically take a bullet for them in a heartbeat. Then when they realize how much they screwed up , they apologize and I forgive them . Sooner or later , the cycle repeats itself over and over again .

I just want to meet someone I can open up to without having to think twice about it. Someone that is capable of knocking down all the walls I put up since blocking people out is starting to become a natural habit of mine. And someone that appreciates me while they still have me. Yeah , it would be nice to meet someone like that for a change. Hmmmm .

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