Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Day -__-

What a bad day for me .

I had a motor accident. It happens around 3pm like that when me and my sis went to my bro's school .
I dont know how it can happen . I just feel the pain when im lying on the road and blood is everywhere. So I became panic and I faint . Luckily there's an uncle help me . well , he's a nice guy and he help me a lot . Ohh yeah , I forgot to tell you something , I had that accident with my sis, but she is well . Nothing's happen to her . but im the one who is worse ! I have to wear triangle bandage on my arm (look at the pic) and the worse thing ever is , im gonna lose my pretty face :( I had scar on my chin and it really worse because the blood always dropped from my chin . Hmmmm. Im feeling bad right now but I know , everything that  happen has a reason behind it . I just have to pray to god and thanks to god because im still live :)

No matter what happen , I will never give up and I will always be happy and smile just the way I am :)

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