Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello guys ! What's up ? Well , my day is pretty good . Nothing to do since it's holiday today . Just today but tomorrow i have to live like my daily day . Wake up in morning , take a bath and have a great day at school . So , today I wanna share my story about Yesterday . Well , Im addicted to YESTERDAY word ! hahaha . Don't blame on me . It's Ljoe fault okay because he make me addicted to their song "YESTERDAY". Stop talking about Ljoe since I can't stop screaming when I heard his name . muahahha XD . Yesterday is sooooooooooooo damn awesome day for me . In the morning , me and my friends have to be a fairy for an event . They're so damn pretty with makeup on their face . I have to admit that Im so jealous with them because they're really pretty and cute . Check it out the pic.

They're so pretty right ?

Then , in the evening I went out with my family to watch "Musical Theater" at my dad place . Well , it's my first time to watch theater. Guess what ? we're on VIP seat which the same place with Zizan Rajalawak , Saiful Apek and also Farid Kamil . Im so excited to see them . Not really excited actually couse they're not my bias . hahaha. sorry . Then , the theater is start and bla bla bla bla bla. I already at my bed get ready to sleep since im sooooooooooooo tired. Hahaha . I know it's not funny at all but Im so tired to write it . 
Okay guys ! I wanna take a bath ! so bye bye ! 

I LOVE L.JOE <3 div="">
but I still love Myungsoo .

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