Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not Fair

Good Morning and Good Night . well ,  it's already 2:50 am here and im still awake . Im not sleepy and im freaking bored so i watch variety show . It's Teen Top Rising 100% the first season . hahahah . Actually i didnt finish it yet so i guess im going to finish it in this week . awwww . It's holiday . ahaa . Actually , i've been watch this before and im still not finish it yet. That time i really didnt know who's the hell is 100% and for the first time ofcourse im choosing Teen Top over 100% . So this show are for raise up their popularity in issue maker and they have to fight to have the tittle of Issue Maker . When they have their mission , they have fight to win . No doubt i want teen top to win . Well , it's because i didnt know who the hell is 100% . But , it's a years ago . Right now , im truly fans of 100% and Teen Top . I love both of them because their like a family , in same company . Just now , i watch again their show and without i realized , there's tear on my cheek . Stupid isnt it ? yeahh , for you but not for me . It's really touch me to saw they work so hard. I mean 100% . From the first episode , i've feeling that they didnt treat 100% well. Althought i love teen top more than 100% , it's not fair for me . I mean , everyone ignore 100% . They work on their own . every mission they got , there's no one there to help them . When it's come to Teen Top , they got special treatment. I just feel it's not fair for them . They need someone to help them , and Teen Top is really boast just because they're the senior . It's really made me mad. Well , it's just my opinion based on their first variety show . But now , 100% and Teen Top are really really look like a real family . They love each other . They're together . what made me say like this ? you must watch "Teen Top and 100% Rising Brother". New Season . Im going to continue my show . Byebye

Ohhh Btw , Minwoo , Changbum , Jonghwan !! SARANGHAE
hahahhaha . me still love LJOE

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