Wednesday, May 15, 2013


"When I saw you , I fell in Love
and you smiled because you knew"

Ohhh hey guys . what's up ? It's been a long time i didnt update my blog . Yeah i've been busy with my 
school and guess what ? im on my exam weeks. Hihi . Dont worry i dont have any paper tomorrow . Act , I was stalking my cousin's blogger and then i suddenly feel wanna update my blogger . So here i am ! Tadahhhh . make a change of my blog AGAIN . hahahaha . So how was it ? More feminine right ? Kikikiki . I even dont know myself why i choose this colour . I mean i was like "What on earth had happen to me?" This lately , i found that i've been change a bit . Im become more feminine . maybe it's because of the puberty XD hahahahah . okay stop . But it's true . 

Act bfore i open my blogger , there are many things i want to share . but when Im here , staring at my keyboard , I went blank -___- oh that's me . hahahha . 
Im going to off now . wanna eat something . so hungry meyyy .
byebye ~ 
XOXO -puleep-

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