Sunday, July 21, 2013


In some sort of reason, I am kinda offended with life. I don't know, but it hurts a lot when someone you love just rant at you for no pacific reason. I guess making mistakes and getting scold is normal. But, do one deserve to be called ''stupid'' for a mistake that is not even visible. It's not like I ripped a soul out of one's body. It bothers me a lot right now. The offended and unwanted feeling is what I can only feel, currently. I'm devastated. No other words, just devastated. 

Oho just can i take some painkiller right now so the pain will be gone and dissapear like ghost . no doubt . I've been depress this day . I always remind myself , dont be  but it wont work . I know that's gonna be happen but who care ? The feeling to be alone , depress , problem is just suck me up . Before i sleep , i had to ask myself "why the hell is this thing happen to me " or "what the hell is happen" like everyday . 

But i know . everything that happen had a reason . can just someone tell me what the reason so i cant feel bothered ? 
This headache wont get better so i hold the pillow tightly in my arms. thorns that stab into my heart make me scream in the darken night . Even when it hurts so much , Im still thinking of you . You only my medicine and that's make me cry , cry and cry . Im choked up and I cant even breath , even time isnt doing anything. 
I need painkillers that can help me take my pain away. I always thought you were a harmful influence and that's my mistake . I think im going die now

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