Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Past is past

Being the weirdest person ever is actually awesome . me being the special one . I am on my Eid holiday , it's so boring at home . I can even jump off the cliff, anytime .
*Love love love . Everybody clap clap clap I want you back to me* Have u ever heard this song ? I bet only kpoppers only know this song . It's quite nice even it's an old song . 
Have you ever felt when your ex trying to get back to you and at the same time someone who's in your past came back asking to be together with you  . Well , that's how i felt right now and it's bother me alot ! seriously . I never expect that this thing gonna happen . We've been ignore each other about a year and suddenly he text me asking how i've been this lately . For some reason i didnt like it. He is my past and absolutely he's not going to be my future . When he text me asking about these and that , I was just like "hmmm. okay . haha" 
Didnt he noticed about that ? *sigh* 
I dont know what to think anymore . I just hope that everything will be turn out fine .  

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