Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've been read too much fanfics these day . Im kind of addicted to it . I spent almost all my time in my room alone and read fanfics . I didnt know its a good thing or not but mom really bother about it since im not being social like the way i do . The mean of social is i didnt talk to my family , make a joke and yeah being alone . People just dont understand me that i need some space to be alone .

So , most of the fanfics that i read is romantic . Im a teenage and i do think about love . Well , we all do right ? you know , love is just complicated . There's too much drama too much hurt. People always said if we inlove we will feel like we're at the top of the cloud . Hahaha . For your information , we're not always on the top . sometimes we will turn down without we realize and there's something will make you down .

I've a trust issue . I never trust anyone . I never open up to anyone like sharing my past , told them my story , what i've been through all this time and what i've feel . It's hard for me to trust anyone because when i found someone that i trust it's always end up that they betray me and so many things . So yeah it's really hard for me .

Sometimes when i've been hurt too much , i start putting up a wall between me and everyone else to keep me from getting hurt again .
But i put a walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down .

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