Friday, October 11, 2013

I , My , Me , Mine

When you put everything into a friendship because they need you , but they give you nothing when you need them .
I wish you would just admit that you would rather be hanging out with them and that they mean more to you instead of lying to me and then making me feel like im just annoying you .

Have you ever had friends who just couldnt be there for you when things turned dark ? They want to hang out with you during the good times , but the minute things get hard they leave you behind. often these types of people will wait untill they think you're 'over' your hardship and then call you up wanting to be friends again as if nothing had happened .

My eyes got tired , from all the things i've seen
My mouth got smaller from all the things i could never speak
My hands got harsh from all the scars i got from touching people's mind
My heart got heavier from carrying all these things inside
My mind got wider from seeing everyone's heart
Despites my rights and wrongs i found a way to keep myself intact
But they got stronger
They got braver
They got wilder
And they came with their claws and ripped it all apart
They did their job and left a mess
I got up once again but something got lost 
It was my memories . 

People think being alone makes you lonely . but i dont think that's true
being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world

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